In-person SEC Meeting October, Berlin?

Hi everybody,

while I’m still very occupied with lots of non-technical stuff in several contexts, I would like to get a quick feedback on a possible SEC Meeting in Berlin on October 13. The background is that we will have a HiGHmed Symposium about FHIR and openEHR and we will have some community member gather in Berlin. This might be a good occassion and I think the location in the heart of Europe is also fitting well (and Berlin is relatively easy to travel to).

Please let me know what you think!


Prost :beers: Prost :beers: Prost :beers:


I am ready. Flights are still quite cheap. Look forward to see you again!

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Can I come :wink: Keep me posted re promo.

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Is there an agenda for the f2f SEC meetings?

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No, I wanted to check first if there is some appetite given the ongoing covid situation. What might be nice is a special topic meeting on AQL. What do you think, @Seref?

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I don’t think the appetite can be any larger than it already is @birger.haarbrandt
I’d love to do this, but we’ll have to see how the Covid situation evolves. So a tentative yes from me, but I’ll have to see what things will be like then, especially now that UK is just letting it all go.


Sounds good! :smiley:

Thanks all for the feedback, I think there is enough interest. I will start to move this forward.


Great Birger,
I will book a flight for 12th of October to Berlin to be well prepared for our post-pandemic-face-to-face meeting. Look forward to this!

Yes, October 13 is now fixed and we should surely have a more informal meeting on the day before in the evening :slight_smile:


I booked an early flight (arrival 0930) on the 12th and will be ready for informal connections most of the day. That’s an invitation to other participants to come early to Berlin! :slight_smile:


Do you have any rough idea of likely event(s) location? Time to get a hotel and travel booked!!

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@birger.haarbrandt I’ll second @ian.mcnicoll 's question. (There is a critical delivery in October I need to see through, still trying to make this one happen as well)

Location? full timeframe? 12-13[14?]

Hi Seref,

we are currently planning one day for the meeting (October 13) and the next day we will have the openEHR & FHIR symposium. I’m currently checking options for the location. For the invited speakers, there is a hotel in “Berlin Mitte” (Mitte (locality) - Wikipedia) and my goal is to have a location that is quite central and close to Berlin Central Station.

So if you book a hotel nearby, you should be fine.


Thanks Birger.

I think I might stick at Tiergarten - has nice memories and not too far out of the centre

So… who is the person you will have the SEC meeting in?

I’ll find the way out myself. Thank you.

Registration is now open for the symposium: as seats are fairly limited (<50!) due to COVID restrictions, please make sure to register right away if you plan to come to Berlin and attend the symposium on October 14!

@matijap @pieterbos @thomas.beale @Seref @jake.smolka @sebastian.garde @erik.sundvall @yampeku @rong.chen @sebastian.iancu


done, I still have to book everything, but I will be there :smiley:

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