openEHR Conference Barcelona - 6th of June 2023

Dear friends

We are finally announcing the openEHR International conference to be held in Barcelona the 6th of June 2023. The conference will be organised by Sistema de Salut de Catalunya and Fundació TICSALUT.

We have booked the main conference room at the Faculty of Medicine of Universitat de Barcelona linked to Hospital Clínic de Barcelona.

Further information to come in the following days! Mark the days in your calendars to learn about how to build the third generation patient-centric electronic health record :grinning:

There will also be the option to watch the streaming which will be free for all.

Hoping to see you all in Barcelona.


Thank you very much for the announcement. I am looking forward joining this great event online.

Best regards


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Will there be a simulcast live stream for people who cannot physically attend?

Yes! We will stream the conference . Free for all attending.


Excellent, thanks!

Wow, looking forward to it :slightly_smiling_face:



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