Nordic openEHR Collaboration Meeting February 2023

Purpose of meeting
Connect with the Nordic openEHR community to explore ways of collaborating towards common goals related to the use of openEHR.

When and where
Monday February 6th 11:00-14:00 CET
Remote participation available via Teams

How to join
Contact Pirkko Kortekangas, @e25cc02c, or Mikael Nyström, @mikael,

Preliminary agenda

11:00-11:15 Welcome and introductions (15 min)

11:15-11:45 Pirkko Kortekangas, openEHR Finland: Finnish work around recording self-measurements of patients using openEHR – presentation and discussion (30 min)

11:45-12:20 Henri Huttunen, Una Oy: Benefits and challenges using openEHR-based clinical decision support (20 min + discussion 15 min)

12:20-13:05 Rob Schubert, Expert in EHDS project: openEHR in the context of European health data space
(30 min + discussion 15 min)
13:05-13:50 Short updates on any current topics in Sweden, Norway, Finland and openEHR International (35 min)

13:50-14:00 Agreement on the next meeting (10 min)

The Finish openEHR community