openEHR and FHIR - Friends or Foes?

Dear community members,

I kindly like to invite you to our next HiGHmed Symposium on October 14. There is often some confusion about the scope and roles of openEHR and FHIR to build an open and interoperable platform ecosystem in healthcare. Hence, we aim to answer the question “openEHR and FHIR - Friends or Foes?”

We got a fantastic speaker line-up from leading European organizations presenting their cases and views on the topic.

Erik Vermeulen - Health Consulting Leader at EY (Keynote)
Rachel Dunscombe - CEO of NHS Digital Academy
Jordi Piera Jiménez - Director of the Digital Health Strategy Office at Catalan Health Service
Bjørn Næss - Product Owner at DIPS AS
Tomaz Gornik - CEO at Better
John Meredith - Head of Application Design at Digital Health and Care Wales
Patrik Georgii-Hemming - CMIO at Karolinska institutet

We are looking forward to meet you in Berlin or online! Attendence is free of any charges. For more details see:




Usual question across the time zones - will recordings be available?




Hi Heather,

I just got the confirmation that the event will be recorded. Good news for the Australians :upside_down_face:




Excellent, thankyou.

Although I challenge that AU is :upside_down_face:. All depends on the latitude of your perspective :sunglasses:


Just to be sure: No registration is necessary to view the stream?

Hi @varntzen,

to my knowledge, you will have to register to watch the stream.

@birger.haarbrandt Thank you. I was puzzled by the text on the website regarding the livestream “The broadcast … will start here on October 12, etc”, and no info about a registration was needed. Now done! Looking forward to it, and good luck with the symposium!

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I registered this event using my name and business email address. Upon finishing with the registration, it said a confirmation will be sent to my email address (the one that ties to the phone #). It had been a few hours since. I have not received any confirmation email. Does this matter? Comes Thursday, Oct 14, can I just log in to participate?

If you send me your e-mail address via direct message, I can forward this to someone from the organizing committee. Thx!

Hello Birger,
The registration email arrived at my mail box late last evening. Sorry for the interruption.
I should be all set for now.

Thanks again.

Sorry to be difficult… managed to watch a little, but not enough, before :sleeping: defeated me. Definitely would have preferred that you had a working lunch :rofl:

Will the recordings be available? :pleading_face: :pray:


@birger.haarbrandt; I would also be interested in the recording.

@birger.haarbrandt Hi Birger my email is - I can not register over the existing registration page. I am also interested in the recording
Deniz Coskun

started watching but couldn’t keep awake :yawning_face:, (clearly not because of the content! it’s just been a rough couple weeks at work) Would love a copy of the recording when it’s available!

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Hi @birger.haarbrandt,
For those that did not registered in time, is there a way to watch (now) those recordings?


The recordings will be made available on the symposium’s website. I was told that currently the organizers are getting approval by the speakers. I will drop a message when the videos are finally online. Thanks for your patience!


I gave my permission. Hoped it was released so I could show my presentation with the Friday’s taco dinner with family :taco::joy:

Thanks for organising this. It was a pleasure to participate and get so much inspiration from all the openEHR initiatives.

Have a great weekend!


The recordings and slides are now available on the website: HiGHmed Symposium - Digitalization in the healthcare system: openEHR and FHIR – friends or foes?



Thanks Birger, and to all of your Highmed colleagues who made the event possible and for getting the vids and presentations ready so quickly.

This was a really high quality event with excellent speakers - quite high level but really useful for those wanting to understand the background to the adoption of openEHR, how it fits with FHIR, with plenty of real examples.


Link posted on openEHR website - events report.