Nordic openEHR Collaboration Meeting September 2022

Purpose of meeting
Connect with the Nordic openEHR community to explore ways of collaborating towards common goals related to the use of openEHR.

When and where
Thursday September 8th 10.00-16.00 CET
Karolinska Universitetssjukhuset, Eugeniavägen 3, Solna/Stockholm. See maps and travel hints in comment below.
Room: “B4-12 Diczfalusyrummet”, floor 4, B-elevators, by the main entrance.
Remote participation available via Teams [link].

How to join
Contact David Wetterbro (
Feel free to spread the invite to your openEHR network

Preliminary agenda

10:00 Introduction

10:10 Status report from each country

11:00 Break

11:15 Implementation guide Care process (Hälsoärende) Joakim Hedlund

11:30 Implementation guide Attention information Alexandra Saraiva Leao

11:50 Karolinska and openEHR, Patrik Georgii-Hemming, CMIO

12:00 Lunch at “Livet” (the Hospital Restaurant). A table marked "Nordic openEHR-meeting” is reserved for participants

13:15 Implementation of openEHR in Social services in Finland Mikko Kaidesoja

13:35 Data collection in pathology and reporting to quality registries based on openEHR Eva-Lena Engman, Torbjörn Eles

14:20 Break

14:40 Modeling of image examination of the heart Carina Sandell, Åsa Skagerhult, David Wetterbro

15:20 Snomed CT and openEHR, current status Mikael Nyström

15:40 Summary and conclusion, scheduling of the next meeting

16:00-17:00 Tour of Karolinska University Hospital, guided by Lena Franzén. Start and end at A4:06 ”väntplats”

17:30 Dinner at Sangria Bar & Tapas located at Sankt Eriksgatan 108, a 10+ minute walk from Karolinska University hospital. This is right by “Vanadisplan”, a two minute walk from one of the Odenplan commuter train station entrances (but do allocate time to walk quite a bit inside the station if leaving by commuter train, it is very deep under ground).

All paricipants will pay for their own lunch and dinner on site by themselves (all major cards work fine). Coffe will be provided for breaks.

The Swedish openEHR community

We are planning an evening activity in connection to the meeting. Attendees, would you prefer the evening before (7th September) or the same evening (8th September?

After the formal collaboration meeting, we are planning a guided tour at some interesting part of Karolinska University Hospital and a conference dinner in the evening.

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Sorry for the late reply! For those of us travelling to the meeting from the far reaches of the Nordics, it would be easier to explain to our employers why we need to travel the afternoon before the meeting, rather than having to stay another night after. So from that point of view I’d really prefer the dinner to be on the evening before. :smile:


Maps and travel hints:

If coming form Arlanda Airport or Stockholm (City) Central Station one of the easiest ways to get to Karolinska is to go by commuter train “pendeltåg” (NOT subway “tunnelbana”) to Stockholm Odenplan Station and exit north towards Vanadisvägen and then walk 850m to the hospital main enternace at Eugeniavägen 3, see map for walking

Another way is to go by subway “tunnelbana” (from e.g. T-Centralen) to S:t Eriksplan (exit Torsgatan Karlbergsvägen) and then buses from there two stops to Karolinska sjukhuset Eugeniavägen

Map of all trains and subways:årtrafik.pdf

Note that commuter train 40 goes between Arlanda and Odenplan. There are also airport trains and busses from Stockholm central station to Arlanda airport.

Thanks, Erik!

Most of the Norwegian ‘delegation’ will arrive during the afternoon of the 7th, so we’d be very happy if anyone else is interested in meeting up with us for dinner that evening. :blush:

Would you like this posted on the openEHR website under ‘events’ and shared on the openEHR LinkedIn page / Twitter?

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Yes please, if there will be a link back to this Discourse thread so that people get future updates.

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All done see Events

Hi @siljelb!

I’ve heard that some people that live in Stockholm might be interested in joining you on wednesday evening and getting to know what I believe are some of the most openEHR-experineced people in Scandinavia. I have encouraged them to respond here. But perhaps you (the Norwegian group) can select time end place and announce here, in case they are a bit late to respond/join.

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Good idea! We might need some help in selecting a good place to eat in groups of 10-15 then, preferably close to Scandic Anglais :smile:

So we’ll be a group of Norwegians eating at Tabbouli City at 18:00 on Wednesday. If you’d like to join us, please send me a DM or email!

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HI all! Only a few days left, looking forward to meting you.

Please note that the agenda has been updated, especially note:

  • New time and place for dinner on Thursday after the meeting (easier for those heading for stations/airport) see new info and links in program above.
  • A new slot at 11:50 “Karolinska and openEHR”, with Patrik Georgii-Hemming, CMIO

Also note the wednesday evening invitation above from the Norwegians via @siljelb

@ ukpenguin [edit: @JillRiley] since you copied the entire draft agenda to the web, not just a link, could you please update (or remove) the agenda on the openEHR website.

Hi @erik.sundvall,

I think it was @JillRiley and not @ukpenguin that copied the agenda.


Agenda removed from website and link to Discourse discussion put in place.

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If it is possible I would like to join you tomorrow!



That’d be great! :smile:

Thanks to all coming to Karolinska today or joining remotely. It would be great if everybody that presented today could upload or link to your slides here in this forum thread.

Here is a nice shot of the participants, captured by Carina Sandell


presentation_220908_c.pptx (2.4 MB)
Here is the modeling of image examination of the heart presentation.

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Attached below is the presentation “Data collection in pathology and reporting to quality registries based on openEHR” that was presented by Torbjörn Eles and Eva-Lena Engman
2022-09-08_NordicForumopenEHR.pdf (2.0 MB)

Content example: A slightly edited verison of slide 4 below