mCODE based archetypes --initial attempt

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As a Oncology focussed organisation working on data projects we reference mCODE as the minimum dataset requirements . We are adopting openEHR for our data storage . With this context we attempted to create mCODE based archetypes using same data elements as in mCODE data profiles which are essentially FHIR. Posting few of archetypes which is very first attempt for the review and comments by community . Kindly give us your valuable inputs.

Dr Anjali

1 Archetype Designer

2 Archetype Designer

3 Archetype Designer

4 Archetype Designer

5 Archetype Designer

6 Archetype Designer



It seems like this post were initially posted in an uncategorized folder, so nobody dealing with the clinical content have picked it up. As far as I can see, Thomas Beale moved it to the Clinical folder yesterday, but unfortunately the links to Archetype Designer has been ruined somewhere on the way, or they have expired. If you repost the links here, I’m confident someone can have a look at them.

There is one other post dealing with mCODE, and it might be a good idea to continue in that one instead: mCode specific archetypes in openEHR - Clinical - openEHR

In that post, there are comments naming a number of other archetypes that could cover the information in mCODE. Without the possibility to see the proposed archetypes in @Dr_Anjali_Kulkarni post, it’s not possible to have an idea of how suitable those archetypes are.

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