Archetypes on Multiple Sclerosis

I see less of Multiple Sclerosis archetypes or archetypes relating to it, is that all or is there anyone working on MS/ Neurology topics?

Hi Naveen,

This is a very common type of question, which assumes that there will be a bunch of specific MS or Rheumatology archetypes ,when in most cases we use more generic archetypes e.g problem/diagnosis or screening questionairrees, shaped by templates to fit the MS use-case

Can you give us an idea of the kind of dataset you are trying to represent? Do you have a spreadsheet or pdf that describes the data capture needs,. Also , is this a registry/research data capture, or for front-line use?

This is an example of a Hepatitis-C assessment, showing the various archetypes that are used, mostly very generic.

I was looking for a number of fucntional assessments, but there were only 4 assessments which are specific to MS and one general whereas I was looking for 30 assessments on the whole.

And how do you think a basic clinical assessment of questions like these below can be found within the existing archetypes:

MS diagnosis date, MS subtype, Clinically defined relapse, Neurologic confirmation of relapse, Duration of MS relapse, Date of start of relapse, Date of End of relapse, Severity of the relapse. etc,.

They do have their own options of answers. ofcourse the questionnaires are for research data capture and the questions could be for the front line.

Also some specific MS archetypes mentioned here

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Yes, these are the 4 instruments that I found.

Hi! A team in Basel and Luxembourg are working in creating some MS archetypes for the following tools:

  • SDMT Symbol Digit Modalities Test
  • DSB Digit span backwards
  • Trail Making Test (TMT) Parts A & B
  • Stroop Victoria Test
  • VMLT verbal learning and memory test
  • Contrast vision test
  • MUSIC Multiple Sclerosis Inventory of Cognition
  • EDSS/Neurostatus

I don’t know yet when they will be available in the ckm (also depending on copyrights), but around 1-2 months since it needs to go into internal ckm reviews too.
I will tag @amanda.herbrand @Olha_Nikolaieva here, they are part of the team

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Hi! Thats quite an information. Thank you so much. We are also looking for some from this list.

This is great Vanessa,

Are they available in a Github repo?

I’ve been experimenting with using Github ‘Topics’ like ‘openehr-content’ which you can add to any GH repo to make it searchable e.g. topic:openehr-content

Might be useful

Hi! they will be publicly available on github once reaching a first draft and tested.
I will add your suggestion, I wasn’t aware of that possibility, thanks for letting me know

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