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Hi, I´m a master’s student at KI currently doing my master’s thesis. I am fairly new to openEHR, I have been searching in the CKM for archetypes regarding hematology and more specifically stem cell transplantation. I have not found such archetypes. I was just wondering if you know any archetypes or templates concerning autologous and allogeneic stem cell transplantation that I have missed?

Thank you in advance!

Best Regards Frida


Hi Frida, welcome to the community!

As far as I know, there are no archetypes specifically about stem cell transplantation. However, in most cases the bulk of clinical recording requirements for a specific use case will be covered by generic archetypes such as Problem/diagnosis, Laboratory test result, Service request, Procedure and the Medication family of archetypes, along with appropriate use of terminologies.

Then there are some specific requirements where we need to create specific archetypes. These will often be CLUSTER archetypes to be used to add detailed elements to some of the above mentioned archetypes, or sometimes completely new archetypes.

To further inform the discussion, are there any specific kinds of information regarding stem cell transplantation you’re looking for?


Hi Frida and welcome…

This is very common obstacle for newbies to openEHR
… ‘I am looking for archetypes on X’ but cannot find them.

This is for 2 reasons

  1. Most projects will make heavy use of generic archetypes like Service request, Procedure, Lab Tests and analytes, Imaging tests coupled with a terminology to provide the content, and wrapped up in templates.

  2. Medicine is really complex and granular so it is quite possible that some specific stem cell transplant are required but have not yet been developed. Or have been developed but have not been made publicly available. Asking here is a good first start to see if other have been into the same area.

It would be helpful to know what aspect of stem cell tranplant you are looking at, and if this is for registry/reporting use or to support frontline use? An example dataset or form makes it much easier to understand

I found this description of a pre-operative work-up and I would guesstimate that 90% of what is required is already doable with existing archetypes.

Here is a vaguely relevant template which shows how some largely generic archetypes can be put together for a specific use case Template: Robotic Surgery Radiology Planning Meeting.v0 [Apperta UK Clinical Knowledge Manager]


@siljelb - which one of us initiated the “mind-meld” there!!

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Thank you very much for your valuable input. I have just started my thesis and will take all the information into consideration. My focus will be on the nurse’s process regarding allogenic and autologous transplantation.

Best Regards Frida

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Do you have any relevant nursing forms or other documentation that you can point to or share ? You should also speak to @LindaAulin and colleagues on the work we did together on catheter/ drain management as this is definitely in the realms of nursing process.

Thank you Ian,
I have not yet received any forms from the hematology department where I will conduct my interviews with nurses. As soon as I have I will get back to you,
Thank you!