New Project creation in CKM

Hello ,
We , Karkinos Healthcare would like to start a new project in CKM . We are working in oncology domain and would like to share our work and get expert reviews . Kindly guide.

Dr Anjali

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Hi Anjali!

We’re very excited to get your input, and oncology is a domain that definitely could use more work in CKM archetypes!

As I’m sure you know, to keep the CKM library of archetypes coherent we need to govern it tightly. Starting to edit, review and publish CKM archetypes takes training, experience, and involvement in established processes, styles and patterns. There isn’t a training course you can take to learn this, as modelling and models governance is more like an art or a trade than a more theoretical subject.

The openEHR International approach to this area is evolving, but for now I’d be happy to have a video meeting with you to learn your needs and plans, and work out a way to go forward. Please don’t hesitate to DM me to make arrangements.

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