Microscopic findings - [Type] cancer


I am currently working on archetypes for pathology reporting. As a reference, I’ve been using the existing archetypes “Microscopic findings - [Type] cancer,” for example, “Breast” as seen in this archetype Clinical Knowledge Manager.

From my observations, it appears that these archetypes do not include the histological subtype. For instance, for breast cancer, the subtypes would include NST, invasive lobular, tubular, cribriform, mucinous, and so forth.

I am contemplating the creation of cluster archetypes named “Histological cancer subtype.” My idea is to use OBSERVATION.laboratory_test.histopathology as the root. This would allow the archetype to be tailored according to the specific cancer type. For example, for breast cancer, the subtypes would be NST, invasive lobular, tubular, cribriform, mucinous, etc., while for lung cancer, the subtypes would be Adenocarcinoma, Squamous Cell, Small Cell, and so on.

I have a few questions regarding this approach:

  1. Is this approach conceptually sound?
  2. Is OBSERVATION.laboratory_test.histopathology the appropriate root for this purpose?
  3. When starting with the Better Archetype Designer and selecting “Observation,” I am unable to choose OBSERVATION.laboratory_test.histopathology as the root. How can I go about this?
  4. Can is submit this archetype to add it the existing Microscopic findings - [Type] cancer archetype?

I greatly appreciate any guidance or assistance you can provide. Thank you!

Hi Maurice,

This sounds like a clinical modelling question and is probably best asked in the Clinical category for a good response.

I’ve moved the topic to the Clinical category.


Thanks Silje - this is also relevant Refreshing archetypes related to pathology reporting - #8 by mar.perezcolman

What would be really helpful would be to start collating any local breast cancer microscopic findings documentation