Typos - AOM2

A few typos below:

“Uuniversity College London” - should be University
“new elements in its defnition” - should be definition
"any serialsed form " - should be serialised
"from the the openEHR BASE " - duplicate ‘the’
“identify archteype nodes” - should archetype
“referring to a terminologyvalue set.” - missing space
"done with an appopriate " - should be appropriate
"all their meta-data from from the " - duplicate from
"subject to tool accesibility; " - should be accessibility
"functions with no aguments " - should be arguments
"This allows archteype-based " - should be archetype (multiple places where the same mis spelling occurs)
"single at-code, repesenting a single " - should be representing
"Although stricly speaking " - should be strictly
“with the exception of node_id redefnition” - should be redefinition (multiple times)
“i…e. mandation.” - double dot should be single
“special-ised archetype” - should this be specialised? If so this is in multiple places
"identifier specalised at the level " - should be specialised (same mis spelling in a few places)
“on an atttribute tuple” - should be attribute
"such an attrbute is to display " - should be attribute
“valid root id code for specialistion level” - should be specialisation
"formats and speialisation depths " - should be specialisation
"validate terminology value_sets " - should be ‘value sets’
"This approach simpifies life for tool " - should be simplifies
“(incuding the t_)” - should be including
"national requiremenents " - should be requirements
"which can subsitute for them " - should be substitute
"contraints on the primitive " - should be constraints
"written with an integer constrant " - should be constraint

Apologies, once I spotted a few I could not stop looking.

Does not detract from the excellent content within this document and the rest of the openEHR specifications.


These are all fixed. A bit scary to have so many! We’ve just changed to a new tool with a good spelling / grammar plug-in, and I found a whole lot more in the ADL2 spec. We’ll work through the rest as time permits, but feel free to report more. They’ll all get fixed.

Thanks for doing such a close read.

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