Invalid UCUM units in Archetype Designer

In the archetype designer, the g/100ml shows up as an option. I don’t think this is a valid UCUM unit. Am I missing something?

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You’re right, this isn’t correct UCUM. It should be “g/(”. Btw, have you set UCUM as your unit code system in AD?

I have tried both openEHR and UCUM in the unit code system. They do not seem to make any difference.
Many other UCUM units seem to be missing as well. For example no values are returned when I try to choose 10*6/uL ucumproblem_ad , mg/dL etc.

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In my very personal opinion, it would be ideal to have some sort of “UCUM expression building” software component that lets you build UCUM compliant unit expressions on the fly. It would have to conform to the UCUM syntax, grammar and base units, but I think in the long run it’d be easier than having to precoordinate a list of all the different permutations that people need.

If such a component was open source, it could be integrated into tools like AD.

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That could be a good idea. This may be useful


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