Typos in ODIN specification

A few typos for the backlog…

  • ‘funded in by the’ should be ‘funded by the’
  • ‘identiers’ should be ‘identifiers’
  • ‘in the this specification’ should be ‘in this specification’
  • ‘informatoin’ should be ‘information’
  • ‘optionally following by a version’ should be ‘optionally followed by a version’
  • ‘grammaar’ should be ‘grammar’
  • ‘comma-separated lists of item,’ should be ‘comma-separated lists of items,’
  • ‘seriliased’ should be ‘serialised’
  • ‘straighforward’ should be ‘straightforward’
  • ‘The ODIN syntax maps relatively easily to XML instance.’ should be ‘The ODIN syntax maps relatively easily to XML instances.’
  • 'and does not try take into account visual aesthetics of the XML. ’ should be 'and does not try to take into account the visual aesthetics of the XML. ’


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It is great to see your fresh eagle eyes combing the openEHR specifications, Richard. It is a common pattern that the eyes of those who have been heavily immersed in the development and writing, tend to skip past typos like these! I hope all is going well for you in your new roles. I am in regular touch still with Martin Severs and he has been carefully combing my new book’s manuscript! Best wishes, David

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Hi David - absolutely, a fresh pair of eyes often sees what the author doesn’t. After years of reviewing specifications, these things just stand out to me. Plus, I am taking the time to read the specifications in some detail.

It has been a while since I dipped my toe in the openEHR world, but I am making a concerted effort to reacquaint myself.

As ever, the quality of the specification assets is one of the greatest assets of the openEHR product.

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Thank you for reporting this.
I made a ticket [SPECLANG-10] - openEHR JIRA and will be fixed in next revision of that specification.

Well also, some of the texts are quite old and we (= me :wink: didn’t have a modern in-line dictionary available when editing. Anyway, all these fixes are going in, so thanks for making the effort.