Typos in AOM 1.4 specification

Spotted some typos in the spec.

  • Uuniversity should be University
  • archteype technology should be archetype technology
  • an node representing should be a node representing
  • ‘An archetype is a modelled’ should be ‘An archetype is modelled’ (Section 3.1)
  • ‘identfication’ should be ‘identification’
  • ‘constraints on a object’ should be ‘constraints on an object’
  • ’ The any_allowed function a node’ should be ’ The any_allowed function of a node’
  • ‘standard aproach’ should be 'standard approach
  • ‘appopriate’ should be ‘appropriate’
  • ‘dis-tinguish’ should be ‘distinguish’
  • ‘terminolo-gy’ should be ‘terminology’
  • ‘the id must be an id-code must be defined in the archetype’ should be ‘the id must be an id-code and be defined in the archetype’

I appreciate AOM 2.0 supersedes this document but AOM 1.4 is probably going to be around for a while.


Thank you for reporting this.
I made a Jira ticket [SPECAM-84] - openEHR JIRA out of your findings, and will be fixed in next revision of that specification.

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These are now all taken care of and the fixed version published (in development baseline).