Service direction archetype review

We have a review for the Service direction CLUSTER archetype active at present and we need some more reviewers.

It is intended to support complex requests that have varying patterns within a single day or over time, so we really need the input of implementers and technical people who might not ordinarily get involved in reviews.

The intent is that for a simple request, all data elements are already available within the INSTRUCTION.service_request. However if the requirements are for recurring or patterns that change over time then this archetype supports this need.

It has been modelled on the published CLUSTER for Therapeutic direction used to support similar requirements for medication management.

If you’d like to participate and haven’t been invited please adopt the archetype in CKM.

Kind regards

Heather (Editor)

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Here are some use cases for this archetype, to make it a bit clearer what it’s for:

  • A user needs to create indefinite lab request and needs to give information how many times the test should be taken in which interval. For example “INR once per week”.
  • A user needs to request a certain amount of a service, either as a total number or per a time interval. For example number of minutes of home care per day, or number of physiotherapy appointments.