ACTION.service - ready for publication

Hi everyone,

The archetype Service (ACTION.service) has been through two review rounds, and there were no major issues. The editorial team suggests publishing.

If you have any comments or objections, please note them here, at the latest in time of the planned publication date, May 15th 2023.

Link to the archetype: Service - Clinical Knowledge Manager (

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Thanks Silje,

It will be great to see this published. Apologies for not commenting before but it might benefit from a slight change to the care pathways, in that there is nothing in there that implies that the the service has been started but is ongoing and not completed.

‘Service delivered’ is an active state but implies that it has at least been partially completed. Perhaps ‘Service delivery started’ would be better or add that as a separate ‘active’ step?

Hi Ian! There’s a change request with discussion about this exact suggestion. Could you comment on there? :smile:

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Archetype published.

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