Right archetype for new EHR app?

We are building a new EHR app based on openEHR ADL2 to extend and replace our legacy EHR app.

Is this the right archetype to implement if we want to offer SOAP style medical notes?

How much can change since it’s in concept status?

Where do I view what needs to be done to get it to an accepted status?

Hi Joost,

Good question. This is the right archetype. I doubt if the core SOAP aspect will change in amny way - it is well established. My only concern is the (E) aspect - it turns out that there are quite a number of variants used around the world, and in any case SOAP is a really a very generic framework that are really just broad headings. I used in practice and found it helpful but there are no ‘strong semantics’ in there. That is why it is modelled as a section archetype

If you want to move on this, I suggest we get together with any other interested parties to come up with a revised candidate then get it into formal review and publication.


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Looking at in more detail, the main change I would make is to remove all of the Entry level constraints. Experience tells us is that these are generally unhelpful other than in very specific circumstances. Perhaps keep (E) but add another heading for local variants, to be named in specialisations, template or at run-time.

Thanks for your quick reply. It made me and a Developer realise our current implementation gives some trouble in that it would be required to do user authorization per subsection. And our application doesn’t support this for the time being. That gives it a lower priority for me for the time being. But I am watching the archetype to get notified and will let you know if we want to move to get this to review!

By ‘entry level constraints’ do you mean just keep the section headers and remove the content / cluster placeholders or just remove the excludes on these clusters?


Yes just leave the Sections and remove all of the associated slot constraints - leave the slots open.