Archetypes for test orders

What archetypes can be used for test orders related to laboratory, radio-diagnostics, diagnostic? Is this Clinical Knowledge Manager ( the most appropriate option or any other(s)?

Hi S.B.,

Suggest you take a look at these two projects:

The imaging archetypes are currently undergoing review.



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More specifically you can use the service request( for all kinds to requests/orders(except possibly med orders).


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Service Request will work fine for most orders. Correct. Medication orders requires special handling so its only proper to have a more specific archetype for this.

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Yes, you are quite right. Missed the ‘order’ part of the question :upside_down_face:.

The Service request is indeed one of the archetypes included in each project.

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Hope I’m not resurrecting a dead thread, we’re doing some work on the Laboratory Request and I’m having a bit of confusion.

Using the Service Request Archetype
Using SNOMED We initially had the service name coded to Clinical Pathology and the Service Type being more specific to include children of that code : Anatomic Pathology, Bacteriology, Clinical Biochemistry, Haematology, ,Histology, Histopathology, Immunology etc

Where however would we document the Lab test being requested? are we using this incorrectly?

Should we be putting the Test requested in the Service Name and have the service Type as Clinical Pathology?


Have the Test Requested (PCR, ELISA as procedures ) in Service Name and leave the type as the children services (Anatomic Pathology, Bacteriology, Clinical Biochemistry, Haematology, ,Histology, Histopathology, Immunology etc)

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Hi Keisha,

It may be that we need to specialise the INSTRUCTION to make this somewhat clearer - I expected that this might be the case and somewhat surprised that this same feedback has not been broader :thinking:

I’d model this so that the service name was renamed in the template as the Test requested and the available value set one or more test names.
Service type can be whatever level of granularity makes sense. Given that this request would be wrapped up in a COMPOSITION and addressed/sent to a specific lab or department within a lab at COMPOSITION level, the service type may not be super important.




Thanks so much Heather
This was what I eventually came to
Getting confirmation I’m on the right track i s reassuring.


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