Nephrology and Transplant Medicine

Hi everybody,

as announced last year, we started with the Nephro-Digital project in Germany. The project is about manged care of young patients with kidney transplants. Through a previous project (Screen Reject), we are lucky to already have some initital archetypes:

Although many of them are still German, I would like to figure out if there is international interest in this topic (e.g. I would like to hear from @wouterzanen if there is also some existing work from Eurotransplant). We got a dedicated modeller position for the next three years which means that we can really dig deep into the whole topic and create some high-class models.

Would be great if this could become a great community project.




Hi Birger,

Do you have a plan for running them through a review process? Or would you like that to happen in conjunction with the international CKM?



Hi Burger,

Great work! We would like to get involved. I asked my colleague as well and we will have a look at the archetypes You created so far.