Nephrology and Transplant Medicine

Hi everybody,

as announced last year, we started with the Nephro-Digital project in Germany. The project is about manged care of young patients with kidney transplants. Through a previous project (Screen Reject), we are lucky to already have some initital archetypes:

Although many of them are still German, I would like to figure out if there is international interest in this topic (e.g. I would like to hear from @wouterzanen if there is also some existing work from Eurotransplant). We got a dedicated modeller position for the next three years which means that we can really dig deep into the whole topic and create some high-class models.

Would be great if this could become a great community project.




Hi Birger,

Do you have a plan for running them through a review process? Or would you like that to happen in conjunction with the international CKM?



Hi Burger,

Great work! We would like to get involved. I asked my colleague as well and we will have a look at the archetypes You created so far.



Hi Birger and Wouter!

Great to pick up this thread - we are also looking at this clinical area in Manchester, UK. We are using the openEHR approach to establish an information model for living kidney donation.

We have applied BPM to understand the clinical pathway and identify the core clinical concepts related to the assessment of potential living kidney donors - we have subsequently cross-referenced these with existing archetypes in the Apperta CKM and isolated those concepts, which have not been modelled previously.

Looking at the models in the HiGHmed CKM, I can see overlap with regards to the clinical content albeit in German. We have buy-in from NHS Blood and Transplant here in the UK and it would be great to hear where you guys are up to?

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