Pharmacogenetics archetypes and templates

We have been working with a team at University of Manchester, NHS England and the G4AGH Pharmacogenomics Working Group to develop some Pharmacogenetics (PGx) models to support clinical decision support in GP systems in the UK.

The resultant models are intended to capture both the specific lab test data, and the derived ‘PGx phenotype’ that is critical to triggering appropriate prescribing support. We did look at perhaps adapting the Precaution archetype but after discussion feels that a new archetype is more appropriate - see this page for background

We were planning to run some reviews on the Apperta CKM - see Project details but feel that this might be more appropriate to do internationally, though we will need to start the process very soon either way.

We have resource to support the editorial process if the Clinical Program Board / CKM admins agree that it is ok for us to run the reviews within the international CKM environment with some oversight e.g one of the CKM team joining as a reviewer

We would be interested to know if others are working in this space.

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I’m in favour of doing this review in the international CKM, alternatively in parallel if there’s a requirement to do it in Apperta. Our experience from the Norwegian governance is that local → international doesn’t work, but international → local does work. So currently we operate on an “international first” principle.

Have the models been added as proposals in the international CKM?

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We have not added them as CRs yet, as we really wanted to take them through some sort of review before doing so.

The only reason for doing them in Apperta is time pressure TBH. Our sponsors are in a hurry!

Basically we just need permission to create or be given a Project, then we will move our project contents over to int CKM and get going.

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The current practice is archetype proposal → quick editorial walkthrough → import to project → project editors get going with reviews.

If you’d upload a proposal, we can have the editorial walkthrough with you in a video meeting soon, and then reviews can start as soon as you’re ready?


@ian.mcnicoll - ultimately the process will be most efficient if the archetype proposed for review starts in alignment with the existing International archetype patterns. In my experience, it could save you a whole review round.

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Change request uploaded now to Clinical Knowledge Manager

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Correct link:

Just a note to say that this will undergo some minor updates to take on board CKM admins advice before it goes to review.

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