EyeCare - clinical modelling

Together with one of our customers i Norway we, DIPS, are developing clinical models for eye care. There has been some work in this area over the years. We have looked into previous archetypes and re-used them. Some changes have been and will be done. We want the models to be shared to both national and international CKM`s.

To include the community in the work we’ve published templates and archetypes here: GitHub - bjornna/eye_care

Note: This is currently work in progress

Take a look at the models and give feedback if interested.


Hi Bjørn,

This is very exciting work and I am pleased to see others who are getting involved with the eye care clinical modelling! I have worked with a number of organisations that are undertaking similar exercises with similar goals, it is very likely there will be some cross over and it would be great to have a chat with you about your project.