More Lab challenges

My colleague Debora Farage at Core Consulting has done some excellent work on analysing lab results and she has put together a number of use cases that are interesting challenges for the current lab archetypes.

I have pasted these use cases into the Lab Tests in openEHR wiki page.

The question is: how should each of these be met with the current lab archetypes? I continue to think (as per previous discussions) that we need some specialised Analyte CLUSTER level archetypes (e.g. with two Quantity Elements and so on) to cope with these common cases. Others may have better ideas.

I cannot reply to the confluence page. But I fully agree with Ian’s comments. I would like to add that on case F, the results might be translated from grams per volume to moles per volume or vice versa, but the result might still differ depending on the equipment used. That also impacts reference ranges etc.

I would only translate between units if it is nessacery for the receiver to understand the result well. E.g. when the result needs to travel to a different hospital/country. So only translate in the representation of the data and with caution.

I haven’t seen cases where a lab reports in more than one form by it self…