Which archetype should be used to represent a microbiological culture findings?

We are starting to integrate some laboratory analyte results, but it seems that the archetype “Laboratory analyte result” isn’t suitable for record microbiological culture findings (urine, blood , etc.). Should I use “Conclusion” or/and “Test diagnosis” from the archetype “Laboratory test result” ?

Hi @nuno.abreu,

HiGHmed made some good progress on representation of microbiology data: Clinical Knowledge Manager

Maybe a good time to contribute this back to the international realm.

YEs agree with HighMed - we reviewed this as part of some NHS work (not using openEHR) and the structure seemed to work well.

Tank’s @birger.haarbrandt . At a first glance , it seems to address all the needs that we have.

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The openEHR work has also been adapted by HL7 to develop FHIR profiles for the German hospitals. So this model seems to be accepted by experts.

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Hi Nuno & Birger & Ian,

Glad to hear you can collaborate on these archetypes:D
I think microbiology results should be part of international core archetypes in CKM.
Would your projects perhaps be interested and able to support an international review? E.g. by donating editorial time to facilitate the review? Or by financially sponsoring a CKM editor (like @heather.leslie ) to do so?

It would be great if we could manage this together.

Hi @joostholslag,

the issue is that we rely on a project budget in a public sector project that we cannot freely spent for these kind of activities. I’m quite sure though that there is interest to provide (wo)man power for this work. Let me check with my colleagues in HiGHmed!

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Hi @joostholslag

I’m already collaborating in the projects “Respiratory domain” and “Hemodialysis”. This area is not my field of expertise, and I only can make some inputs by comparing the model against our legacy data. So, I think I’m not a good option to participate in the editorial process.

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