Status for Laboratory Test Panel

In the CKM I can see that the cluster Laboratory test panel has the current state of “review suspended” and has been so since 2019.
What is the intention of the archetype going forward? Is working being done right now to change it or what is the status?
I am working with creating a template for chemistry lab results reports and this cluster would be perfect to use for us since all our analyte results are grouped into panels. However we also have the need for having a comment on each panel.

Grateful for any answer!

I’m gonna ping you Ian McNicoll since I can see that you did the last change to it. @ian.mcnicoll


Hi Emma! The reviews for Laboratory test panel were suspended because we who were conducting the reviews at the time found out that we didn’t need this particular archetype. Would you like to pick it up and get the reviews going again? :smile:

Thx Silje and Hi Emma,

Practically speaking we found no real value in the panel archetype.

We generally do not explicitly model a panel if doing lab integrations , since the pattern of data is very much driven by the data received from the lab.

Inthe templted exampl on CKM, I would now redo this without the lipids panel, since the overall Test observation acts as a container for ‘lipd panel’.

I think the only time I have seen it used is in the context of the microbiology template developed by Highmed,

Where again, I think, in hindsight, it is probably redundant.

@emolin I just noticed you need for a comment on each group . I would treat each panel as a separate Lab test, to allow for the comment- IO think this also much closer to the HL7v2 / FHIR pattern which will most commonly be your import format.

Do you have source document or example you can share?

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Thank you for the input! That’s a good idea and yes we will be using FHIR probably since we already do in a lot of other areas so it would be good to align with that as well.
Unfortunately I don’t have anything that I could share right now.

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