Problem/Diagnosis qualifier - ready for republication as a new major version

Based on requested changes and discussion among editors, the Problem/Diagnosis qualifier archetype will be republished as a new major version.

The major changes from the latest published version (27.06.2019) are as follows:

  • Changed the “First occurrence?” boolean element to “Occurrence” coded text, with the values “First occurrence” and “Recurrence”
  • Removed “Partial remission” value from the “Remission status” element

Minor changes:

  • Added “Relapsed” value to the “Resolution phase” element
  • Changed “Complete remission” value in the “Remission status” element to “In remission”
  • Added DV_TEXT to make choices for value sets.
  • Added Yes/No DV_CODED_TEXT for ‘Admission diagnosis’ alongside DV_BOOLEAN
  • Added ‘Reason for ongoing episode’, description and comment for ‘Reason for ongoing episode’.
  • Added ‘Comment’

Additionally, a some change requests have been folded in and closed, some minor textual changes performed, and translations into German, Swedish, Italian and Chinese added. All translations will need to be updated due to the mentioned text changes.

At the same time, the Problem/Diagnosis archetype will be republished as a new minor version, to include the new major version of the Problem/Diagnosis qualifier archetype as a SLOT include.

If you have any comments or objections, please note them here, at the latest before the planned publication date, December 1st 2022.



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