Phenopackets 2.0 review

An email from Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) invites to a review of Phenopackets 2.0, see: Open for Comment: Phenopackets v2.0 (Deadline May 27)

A lot of new EHR content is represented in v 2.0 so it’s likely clever if people with knowledge of openEHR have a look at the new v 2.0 of the Phenopacket Schema to figure out how reasonable alignment can be done between shared interests in Phenopackets and openEHR based EHRs.

The schema documentation contains a FHIR Implementation Guide. Suggesting text for a page with “openEHR Implementation Guide” to the spec might be a good idea.

This discussion thread could for example be a place to suggest content for such a page.

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