SMART on openEHR

In the past few months we where working on a draft for SMART on openEHR specifications.

The idea was originally started by @Sidharth_Ramesh (see this post), and lately a few other members of the openEHR REST API Working Group were also contributing on extending SMART-on-FHIR with support for openEHR.

We would like to get feedback from community on the above mentioned draft, as we plan to include it in one of the upcoming openEHR REST API Specifications release.


I only scanned the specification. I really like the resource expressions in the scoping section. I would like to reuse these scoping specifications in a specification I would like to write on combining OpenEHR with Nuts. Nuts is (as far as I know) the first implementation of a Trust-over-IP trust layer in the healthcare domain.
My idea is that SMART on OpenEHR primarily focuses on situations where the authz server knows the client beforehand (e.g. apps of a data holder link to the CDR of that data holder). And OpenEHR x Nuts primarily focuses on the situation where data holder and data user are different (healthcare) organizations (e.g. hospital A wants to view data about client C that resides at hospital B).

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I talked shortly with @sebastian.iancu about the spec. We discussed other types of resource expressions that might be handy. E.g. archetypes and/or “packages”, where a “package” consists of templates and aql’s around one “use case”.
It would be great if we could discuss this f2f at the Dutch OpenEHR conference in November!

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Somebody arriving at this thread later might also appreciate a link to @Sidharth_Ramesh’s talk SMART on openEHR-talk at the conference in Arnhem