openEHR Process/CDS Overview - clinical input sought

I have been working on an Overview specification to provide a better picture of the multiple specifications in the area of Guidelines, CDS, Task Planning and so on.

It is still work in progress, but since one of the things it tries to do is to summarise clinical requirements in this area, we’d like to get some clinical feedback from those who work with guidelines / CDS etc, or are just interested in them.

The document is here, and the main sections to review from a clinical point of view are sections 3-5. The TOC entries for this part are as shown below, to give an idea of the topics mentioned.

We’d like to know if there are any major omissions or errors, and beyond that, any specific additional details we should include.

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I’m only recently started to get interested in this topic. I feel the overview document already has a lot of nice insights. I’d like to provide input from a clinical (surgery and elderly care) perspective. But I’m too inexperienced in the informatics aspects to provide meaningful feedback in the moment. But if there are specific questions or someone is willing to coach me through the informatics aspects I’d love to contribute!