Participations in Flat format for EHRBase

I can’t retrieve participations that I insert into my EHRBase in Flat format? The composition is accepted but the participations info aren’t there. It is something missed, like the ctx support, or am I doing something wrong (syntax, path,…)?
I tried both the path /case/participation (as given by EhrSape example in the Flat format example from template REST call) and the path /case/context/participation (which seems to me more consistent with the template structure). In the webtemplate returned by the openEHR Archetype Designer there’s no participation/s item so it doesn’t help in the path building.

Example of lines from Flat composition:
“case/context/participation|name”:“Dr. Marcus Johnson”,
“case/context/participation|mode”:“face-to-face communication”,
“case/context/participation|name:1”:“Lara Markham”,

I add that health care facility behaves in the same way. I can put it in the flat composition but it isn’t retrieved.

Hi Giovanni,

flat format is still in beta status and my colleague Stefan is currently working on the final aspects including ctx. Hence, you might find some incomplete things (some of them are documented here thanks to @ian.mcnicoll): Issues · ehrbase/ehrbase · GitHub

Hope this helps,


Hi Birger,
yeah. Well before posting I always take a look at the issues already reported. It’s just that I didn’t know if it was something missing or an error of mine like syntax or path. From your answer I assume the former.

Is the problem on storage or retrieval i.e dos the xml versionof the same composition have the missing nodes?

Hi Ian,
Nope. I posted both the xml version and the json version (different REST endpoint) and they are retrieved ok (since new EHRBase version is up). The flat version instead does not include participations and health care facility data.