FLAT composition - EHRBase 0.16.5 - Content values missingin get composition

While creating compositions, I am adding the following context value and the composition is created with out any error

“clinical_notes/context/participation:0|function”: “Oncologist”,
“clinical_notes/context/participation:0|name”: “Dr. Marcus Johnson”,
“clinical_notes/context/participation:0|identifier”: “1345678”,
“clinical_notes/context/participation:0|mode”: “face-to-face communication::openehr::216”,
“clinical_notes/context/end_time”: “2021-05-29T13:20:51.451+05:30”,

However they are not returned in GET composition. Is this the expected behavior?


No, this is unexpected. Would you please be so kind to raise an issue at GitHub - ehrbase/ehrbase ?

I have added a ticket