Creating and retrieving flat composition


I’m trying to create flat composition of a template using docker container. I’m facing issues mentioned below after restarting docker composer.

  1. During first try I’m able to create a composition, But after restarting, If I commit a composition I will get an error as mentioned below:

“error”: “java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Composition missing mandatory attribute: language”,
“status”: “Internal Server Error”

  1. Secondly, I’m able to retrieve a composition using compositionId which is fetched after committing a composition. But after restarting, If I try to retrieve a same composition I can see different path coming up in the link attached below:

compositionBody.odt (19.3 KB)

Please find the attached template for your reference.

EHRN Diagnosis.v1.oet (3.0 KB)

Raksha R

Hi Raksha,

flat format is in a beta status at the moment and we highly appreciate all issues reported. Would you mind creating an issue in github with the content provided here?