OpenEHR and Prescriptions?

I wanted a little clarification on how we deal with prescriptions in OpenEHR
in my original thinking the archetypes that already exist provide for the capture of medication ordering/instruction, administration and this would be written directly to the CDR

is there any need to have a separate repository solely for the storage/retrieval/analysis of data about prescriptions? Would this be a functionality of a PIMS?

Hi Keisha,

I would expect all prescription data to be written into the CDR.

There are at last 2 live, tested, extensively deployed examples

Better Meds - full hospital prescribing, administration record with hookup to national ePrescibing services

PasientSky - full GP/community prescribing, administration, with hookup to national ePrescribing/ dispensing services.

Both projects use the standard Meds instruction, action archetypes with a small number of extensions to fit local requirements.

If there are others in production/dev, please post details here!!

So , no need to have separate repository to store or retrieve the data elsewhere.