Archetypes - prescription

Hi, I’m new to openEHR and I wonder if you can help me with this: what are the main archetypes needed to “prescribe a medicine / medication order for a diabetic patient” starting from doing a lab test. Thank you

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Hi Lilly,

Welcome to the community!
The main archetype for prescribing is ‘medication order’ Clinical Knowledge Manager

For ordering labs this quite generic ‘service request’ archetype is a good start Clinical Knowledge Manager

There is quite some complexity to get these models right, so don’t hesitate to ask for more help :slight_smile:

I’m curious to learn more about your project, would you be willing to share a bit more?

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Thank you Joost,
so its doing a glucose blood tests; while fasting and 2 hours after eating. and then order a medication based on the lab results.

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