Karolinska/Stockholm procurement of Digital health platform (CDR, tools, services, consultants)

The first call-off in Tender Area 1 Open EHR- based Software was sent to the framework partners in Tender Area 1 ( Better d.o.o., Medblocks and Tietoevry AB) this past monday (with some parts added today). The response was required to be submitted within three weeks. The call-off documents (including requirements) will be publicly published some weeks after a contract has been signed, so maybe later in the summer.

However, we are now allowed to publish the documents from the framework-agreement, regarding all three tender areas. All eleven (11) documents have been uploaded to the wikipage https://openehr.atlassian.net/wiki/spaces/resources/pages/416514052/Procurement+of+openEHR-related+systems+and+services as attachments with the prefix “Karolinska-2024FA-”.

For Platform/CDR-interested people, perhaps the following from Tender area 1 are the most useful

Tender Area 2 was very open ended and mainly expressed as requirements in a part of the Main procurement document

Tender Area 3 had requirements in parts of the Main procurement document but also had e.g.

The framework agreements awarded based on the above were described in post #15.