Disable 'typographic' quotes

By default Discourse converts simple quotes like "" into typographic quotes like “” unless these are in Markdown Code blocks.

This make posting technical artefacts messy.

We can disable the typographic conversion in theDiscourse settings, It will not change any existing posts.

What do others think?


Is there a reason that you aren’t using Markdown code blocks for technical artefacts?
Is this related to the lack of good formatting/syntax highlighting as previously discussed?

The controls to disable the ‘smart’ quotes is at https://discourse.openehr.org/admin/site_settings/category/all_results?filter=quotes, for reference.

We are when we remember!! But quite often folks post e.g. json snippets or quote them and that’s when it becomes a pain.

My feeling is that we re not going to lose much from disabling the typographic quotes, in fact I suspect most people will not even notice.

and not really related to the lack of ‘custom’ formatters. It is very rare to see raw ADL posted and AQL scrubs up reasonably well with sql formatting.