CONTRIBUTION builder supporting collaborative (multi user, multi device) editing? GraphQL? Operational Transformation?

This thread is a branch from another GraphQL-related thread:

In discussions with developers at Karolinska that consider building some combined openEHR and non-openEHR application functioality using GraphQL, we considered the possibility of an openEHR contribution builder that uses the “web template” form of template definitions as a base to auto-create template/application specific GraphQL schema/definitions based on the “simplified” structure and naming of the templates.

Maybe an interesting student project? Or an evening hack by people like @Sidharth_Ramesh :wink:

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In the old 2013 REST-paper mentioned above, the subsection titled “Contribution Builder” describes a design ideas and table 2 descirbes some possible endpoints and operations using REST. This was a couple of years before GraphQL had was publicly released. Today a contruíbution builder exposing both GraphQL and some or the REST end points woud likely be more interesting.

The “Future work” subsetion of the paper mentions that “Operational Transfromation” would be nice to explore for shared contribution builds

I just discovered that might be an example of a nice framework for experimenting with simultaneous multi-user contribution builder implementations, it supports both GraphQL and operational transformation.

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The real value IMO is in constructing a simple object that hides much of the complexity, not unlike FLAT/|STRUCTURED objects but in a familiar syntax plus you might be able ot fold in some simple but high-value querying.

I have played a little with this but not enough to really get into the weeds.