C_DURATION is missing redefined default_value in BMM (and web)

C_DURATION in “openEHR_am_206.bmm” (and 210, 220, 230) is missing redefinition of the “default_value” attribute:

["default_value"] = (P_BMM_SINGLE_PROPERTY) <
    name = <"default_value">
    type = <"Duration">

All primitive types are missing “default_value” redefinition in the web version of the specifications.

Are we missing “Specification/AM” category?
I’m selecting RM even when I mention AM BMMs.

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Good catch for the BMM. You are however referring to the 2.x AOM in the BMM files, and the 1.4 AOM in the specification. It is redefined in the AOM 2.x specification: Archetype Object Model 2 (AOM2)

Other than that, there is no syntax in ADL to define default values on C_PRIMITIVE_OBJECTS. They are usually defined on the nearest parent C_COMPLEX_OBJECT instead. See the examples in the ADL 2 specification. I guess this makes it a bit less important?

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Fixed and pushed, thanks once again.

See @pieterbos reply on the other comment.

Not sure what you mean by ‘specificaitons/AM’ - the AM home page?

Good catch on 1.4.

I got there via specifications.openehr.org/classes/C_DURATION. Where to report this kind of mismatch? :thinking:

Thank you for the “default_value” explanation. I wouldn’t have figured that out of BMMs. I’ll be extra careful when I get to this part of the ADL/AOM specifications.

Yes, this makes it less important. It is just that my generator is extra picky. Everything must be 100% for it to be happy :sweat_smile:

I meant the Discourse category. We are in Specifications/RM talking about AM.

We did think about this, but it didn’t seem useful, since default values logically are usually (?always) the default value of some clinical level constraint, of which the most basic types are DV_X types - so you normally define a default DV_QUANTITY or whatever, not just the String units field (say). This is usually true in other RMs as well. We could revisit it if needed, and devise some syntax for it if needed.

I’m thankful for fixing these small omissions :blush:

You probably know BMM inside out by now - you are welcome to do pull requests on the repo if you have time (I don’t always) - we’ll check it and merge. Or just report the bugs, either way is fine.

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Were some changes made to the openEHR - Class Index URL?

specifications.openehr.org/classes/ELEMENT now reports “The page isn’t redirecting properly”. The above URL to C_DURATION works.

The specifications website is mostly PHP built by @sebastian.iancu at Code24, including the class search box. Sebastian - can you have a look at the problems reported in this thread?

That class-index page is generated via github hooks, bases on ‘latest’ manifests and adoc index files. No UML, neither BMM is used anywhere in that process - so as long as those files are correct, then the website pages are also correct. There are some custom routes and patters in the website which I’ll need to check when such redirects does not work as expected.

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