Bug in export of ORDINAL texts defined in templates


When trying to be a bit too clever and use the (now multilingual!) support to make ORDINAL type selection and value list definition in templates (rather than only in archetypes), then I encountered what I believe to be an export bug in Archetype Designer (AD).

The text labels of ordinals defined at template level (as opposed to archetype level) do not get exported to e.g. operational templates (OPT) or web templates (WT). However they do seem to be saved in ADs built-in native (.t.json) format and do re-appear in the editor UI when closing and reopeing the template in the editor.

You can even detect the bug in AD’s form preview (that likely also uses the export function) see red marks below:

If you use the form preview’s “Export to JSON”…

…then you can note that the values get set as expected:

        "container": [
                "followup_question_with_ctcae_test": [
                    {"ordinal_type_and_content_defined_in_archetype": [ "at0.3" ] }
                "followup_question_with_ctcae": [
                    { "ordinal_type_set_in_archetype_and_ordinal_content_defined_in_template": [ "at0.0.2" ] }
                "followup_question": [
                    { "ordinal_type_set_in_template_and_ordinal_content_defiend_in_template": [ "at0.2" ]  }

The exported OPT from AD shows up without the same labels in both in Cambios’s preview tool…

…and Betters in form builder tool:

Here is the file-set with test archetypes/template…
openEHR-EHR-CLUSTER.followup_question.v0.adl (4.6 KB)
openEHR-EHR-CLUSTER.followup_question-ctcae.v0.adl (6.3 KB)
openEHR-EHR-CLUSTER.followup_question-ctcae_test.v0.adl (7.3 KB)
openEHR-EHR-COMPOSITION.encounter.v1.adl (36.4 KB)
openEHR-EHR-EVALUATION.container.v0.adl (5.8 KB)
test of ordinal selection defentition in template.opt (41.7 KB)
test of ordinal selection defentition in template.t.json (90.0 KB)

…and some screenshots from the editor showing the intended content that only gets partially exported:

@borut.fabjan when would you guess that a release with the bug fixed will appear?