Web template export

In the latest version of Archetype Designer (v1.20.0), I am not able to export to Web Template. Here’s the error log from the console. Is there another place I can report bugs on the AD?


Sidharth, I’ve just reclassified this topic into the right place.

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Can you post the .opt to me and I’ll take a look? Any clue what might be causing the issue?

It’s not specific to a particular template. All templates are failing. Even the ones that had no issues before.

I confirm.
Export to WebTemplale doesn’t work (in general) for AD 1.20.1 . All other exports are not affected.

screening_rough.en.v1.opt (77.7 KB)

HI… Above is an opt template generated earlier.

Generating web template gives this error in the console now

image (2)

Thanks Sangeeta - @borut.fabjan leads the Archetype Designer dev team and they are aware of the issue so hopefully it will get fixed soon.