Help in drafting specification for building and distributing "Apps" on top of openEHR and FHIR

Hello everyone,

I am interested in writing a draft specification for building and distributing reusable apps. The idea is to get to an iPhone or Android like “App marketplace” where we can download and reuse applications on top of vendor neutral APIs.

This is the original article from Dr Mandl et al (Boston Children’s hospital) introducing the motive behind SMART. SMART on FHIR has now been adopted as an industry standard, with a lot of innovation and legislation happening around this space.

The motive is the same, but the implementation of SMART on FHIR does not work for a global marketplace due to FHIR’s regional profiling requirements. I think this can be solved by openEHR’s global, maximal data modelling approach and robust APIs.

We can still however, reuse a majority of the specifications that have been defined on top of FHIR to make it openEHR native, while still maintaining backwards compatibility. Some of these specifications being:

I’ve done research on the above specifications, and have also tried to implmented many of them using open-source libraries alongside openEHR APIs. Combined and used together in a certain way with FHIR and openEHR, they have the potential for building tomorrow’s healthcare app marketplace. There is, however, a need to formally define how these specifications (originally meant to be used with FHIR APIs) are meant to be used with openEHR APIs.

I haven’t written many formal papers or RFCs before and I need help in finding authors who might be interested in writing the first draft. I’m not sure if this could fall under the openEHR specification framework or will be considered it’s own thing, but I know there’s a need to formally define these profiles somewhere.

I’d also like general feedback and comments on the usefulness of such a specification and interest from implementors (especially who’re already using openEHR + FHIR in production) to adopt something like this. I’d like to invite anyone - academecians, implementors or anywhere in between who is interested in contributing to reply to this thread.

PS: If you’re unfamiliar with any of the speficiations mentioned above, I can also help you in quickly getting you up to speed.

Some previous references to this ideas:

Talk at 5th openEHR Asia Conference - SMART on openEHR - Talk at 5th openEHR Asia Conference - YouTube


Here’s a draft Google Doc with the specification (suggesting and commenting enabled for the public): SMART App Launch, CDS Hooks, and SMART Web Messaging on openEHR - Google Docs