Region of Catalonia - Award of the tender for the service of CDR platform

The region of Catalonia has just published on the public procurement portal the award of the tender for the service of Clinical Data Repository platform in accordance with the openEHR standard for the Government of Catalonia. Here you have the link:


The winning company has been the UTE IBM-VIEWNEXT, with a contract amount of 8,499,999.01 € (without taxes). The duration of the contract is 30 months, with the possibility of extension within a maximum of 24 additional months, being the estimated value of the contract, without taxes, of about 15.300.000,00 €.

The resolution of the award of the contract can be found in the attached PDF (in Catalan)
29_2023027L00_RE_Adj_sg_CA.pdf (296.5 KB)


Thanks for details!

  1. Does this contract amount include hosting of the CDR too (hardware, storage, maintenance, high availability etc)?
  2. Is this intended for the entire Catalan population (7-8 Million)?

If I understand this correctly the monthly average price would be € 283 333 before taxes. (Divided by 7 million inhabitants that would be a CDR cost of € 0.04 per inhabitant per month + tax)

  1. The service will be provided in colocation mode inside of the CTTI’s data center.
  2. Yes.

Does #1 mean that you (as healthcare providing organisation) don’t have other costs, in addition to the ones you will pay for via the contract, for keeping the server side of the CDR technically running?

The objective is to have a provider that offers the end-to-end service requested, which goes from a data repository service based on the openEHR standard, the management of this same service and all the layer of architecture and technology necessary to provide and ensure the services that are required in a transactional repository.

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Congrats to Region Catalonia and IBM/Vitagroup! It will be exciting to follow your journey!

to 27. huhtik. 2023 klo 11.53 ap. Daniel Alomar via openEHR <> kirjoitti:


I guess that applications, like the recently chosen medication/pharmacy support will run on top of this CDR service.

Are any of the following things included in the CDR contract?

  1. form-editor+renderer (or low-code tools)
  2. generic portal functions (for staff and for patients) where forms/UI can be used and CDR content be browsed
  3. patient registry/index (PIX?) e.g. for connecting openEHR’s ehr-id with other identities, name etc?
  4. Handling of bookings, referrals etc

If not, will they be procured or built separately?

Thanks for sharing. Where do I find details on the solution and the different companies?
What CDR are you buying, I read vitagroup so I assume ehrbase?
What roles do the other companies fulfill? IBM?

Dear colleagues,

Due to confidential agreements associated with contracts with the company that won the bid, we cannot make public some details you were asking for.