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Dear all,

Wish you happy new year! I want to create a Radarchart in Better Form Builder to facilitate Risk Assessments in MDT, see example below. Does one of you already did it and would be willing to share?

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Hi! This is referent to tooling that are not openEHR tooling. You would be better informed if you ask this to Better. I don’t use their formtool for a long time now but I remember that if you want to build something like this you would have to check if its first available as a “widget” in their studio content manager that could be used and if not, request them to build it and make it available in their app. Otherwise you would need custom development in order to build that.

See the thread Standardised API for custom GUI-widgets for openEHR-based form editors & renderers? for some discussions regarding how to extend form tools with your own widgets. (The first screenshot I made in that thread actually seems to include something like a radar chart.)

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Hi Maurice!

As @vanessap explained, Better EHR Studio tool Form Builder allows inclusion of custom elements - we call them widgets.

I am not aware of any existing radar-chart-like widget, but there is a repo with resources to build one on your own: GitHub - better-care/proposition-for-widget-specification

My guess is you are already a Better Sandbox user? If not, register here: Try Sandbox - Better

When you create the widgets you would like to test, send an email to sandbox.support@better.care and we’ll make it happen.

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