Problem running EHRBase 2.2.0 with Azure Database for PostgreSQL servers

I am trying to run EHRBase 2.2.0 using an Azure Database for PostgreSQL servers. When I run the createdb.sql, i get the following error

ehrbase=> ALTER FUNCTION jsonb_path_query(jsonb,jsonpath,jsonb,boolean) ROWS 1;
ERROR:  must be owner of function jsonb_path_query

I contacted Azure support and they mentioned that since this is a Super user owned function, and this is a PAAS, they cannot allow ALTER on it .

This is a showstopper and the same prolem could happen with other hosted Cloud providers also. Can the EHRBase team suggest any work around? @birger.haarbrandt


please see Create database fails on Azure Postgres Flexi Server · Issue #1317 · ehrbase/ehrbase · GitHub

Thank you