Participate in the thesis survey


I’m not sure if you may have noticed my post on common forums, but let’s raise the issue here now as well.

I would be especially grateful if the representatives of the Swedish openEHR community had the time and interest to respond to the survey, as the development of your health information systems and, in part, the service system are quite close to those in Finland. I have also realized that you have good practical experience in identifying and realizing the benefits of the openEHR approach in clinical work.

Thanks in advance,
Henri Huttunen


I have gone through the survey and I would say that the questions in this survey is quite underspecified and therefore difficult to give a relevant answer to. I assume that it would be easier to receive relevant answers if the investigations were performed as oral interviews than a survey.


Thank you Mikael for your comment and apologies for the slow response.

For its part, the survey has been deliberately left somewhat inaccurate, as the questions are not too intended to guide respondents in approaching the topic. The aim of the survey is, to some extent and at some level, to simulate a structured interview, which I am unfortunately not able to implement in oral form.

As part of the thesis, thematic interviews are conducted to identify and prioritize functional development needs in the research area. If I had implemented the part looking for solutions in oral interviews, the workload would have become too great.

Hopefully this clarifies and justifies the approach chosen. Of course, more specific questions and the conduct of an oral survey would undoubtedly have made it easier to answer the survey.