openEHR NL conference 2023 practical info

This year the openEHR Conference in Netherlands will be held on the 17th of November at the meeting-centre of Burgers Zoo in Arnhem.

Some practical info:

Arnhem has 1h15 min, frequent direct trains from Schiphol AirPort via Amsterdam and Utrecht. The venue is a 20 min bus ride from the train station. Or a (very nice!) 35 min walk. Real Dutchies use a bike (rent an “ov-fiets”), but the Arnhem ‘hills’ may be challenging.

For updates on this event please follow conference website or on LinkedIn.
Registration is open on Eventbrite, regular price is 99 euro.


I had a look at hotel options and listed a few here. I don’t have personal experience with any but know most of them from the outside. Cost for most are just above 100/night, which seem lowish compared to average in our country. Hopefully it will stay that way since it’s low season.

Cheapish hostel:

There’s a bus to the city centre and the Venue which is ok.

Nice location, close to city centre (5-10 min walk) boutique style hotel. The breakfast always look very nice when I walk past.

Well known chain of upper middle segment hotels. Amazing view. A (nice) 15 min walk to city centre. (There’s a bus too.)

Best location. 1 min walk from train station. Pictures look fancy. But may be over priced.

Country estate:
If you want to experience the Arnhem/Veluwe nature in a traditional luxury way. (Transportation will be more of a challenge)

There are more options on or similar websites, most seem fine.