openEHR International Vision

We’re in the process of establishing the Education Program. This requires the adoption of key criteria against which educator and course certification can be evaluated. We all desire an increased uptake of the openEHR IP , the education program plays an important role in assuring that we all deliver the same message. I’d like the openEHR community to participate in the development of a key promotional pitch. This requires us to consider the communities we serve.
The openEHR International Board of Directors are responsible for ensuring that all activities are compliant with its articles of association. These include this organisation’s objectives and philosophical (values) underpinnings. It’s important for this community to consistently interpret these and make use of them as a guide to decision making regarding the use of this knowledge base.
To get us started we need to carefully consider the ‘why’ adopt openEHR, who are the communities we serve and what benefits are they looking for?
Once we are clear about that we can begin to consider how we intend to get there from which we can develop a suitable education program. This exercise should also be beneficial to guide our collective strategic directions to ensure this organisation is financially viable and sustainable.
FYI here is the primary object to guide your thinking.

  1. Objects
    The objects of the Company are to carry on activities which benefit the community and in particular (without limitation) to improve the capability and interoperability of electronic health systems.
    The sub-objects to follow indicate what is valued - ie open knowledge sharing.
    I look forward to reading your insights.