openEHR Conference 17 November Arnhem, The Netherlands (a community event)

I thought that was confirmed. We already booked an AirBnb in Groenlo for the SEC meetings. For us the challenge is that I travel with my wife and a little baby and it’s difficult to travel between for the day for all of us, and I want to be close to them when I finish my work tasks. So we booked Groenlo then Arnhem. I’m not sure if we would be able to cancel our place in Groenlo and extend our stay in Arnhem. Please confirm the locations so I can make the corresponding arrangements. Thanks.

To be clear. I’ve been in touch with Nedap and they will kindly be hosting the meetings 15th and 16th as originally planned. Eline Brader at Nedap will be sorting detail with @sebastian.iancu.

@pablo meetings will be held at Nedap offices as originally planned.

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Thanks @JillRiley one less preoccupation.

Thanks @JillRiley - Nedap has now been confirmed for these meetings. @pablo like you I had booked accommodation already as had @heather.leslie and a number of others so a decision has been made to stick with this location.

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few, that’s a relief, hope to see you there @ukpenguin !

does anyone knows if Nedap has a place for small kids?

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Dear Pablo,
Unfortunately, I think I have to cancel the SEC meeting.
My back has been hurt with a sporting event, and I am suffering from a muscle injury that takes more time than expected. (Now two weeks)
I will be careful this week and only be present at the openEHR conference, so please register that I will not be there on thursday. The saturday is still reserved for you and family and I think I will be able to drive then.

Kind regards,
Deborah Tarenskeen

Dear Pablo,
Due to diverse issues I may not be present tomorrow, but we, (my husband and I) have still reserved the Saturday for you and your family. Is it possible to call you, for making it definitive?
I hope I can make it tomorrow if not, this is my phone number 00 31 6 5358 2390

Thank you, hope to meet you in person,
Deborah Tarenskeen


Is the event being live streamed or just recorded to be shown later?

Kind regards


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For those not seeing it on LinkedIn, I’ve posted the slideset used in @wouterzanen’s and my presentation during the Policy & Impact track yesterday:


Here is my presentation and resources for the openEHR Conformance Verification Framework we are working on GitHub - ppazos/openehr-conformance-verification: Conformance verification framework or openEHR implementations

It was a great event, thanks to all the organizers!


I think the technical track was recorded, not sure about the other tracks or who will have access to the recordings. Maybe @sebastian.iancu or @joostholslag can answer you



When will the openEHR conference recordings in Arnhem be shared?

I’m sorry for delay - we will do it soon. We need to process them and unfortunately we do this on voluntary basis on our spare time, which is limited.


Hi everyone,
We’d like to share the presentations on the openEHR youtube channel, and I’m happy to help out with this. You can send your slides over to me - - in any format, and I’ll convert them to video, but obviously they’d have more impact if there was some audio too.
Alternatively, we share a presentation as a slideshow on linkedin, with accompanying text…
Or we can set up a Zoom call, record your presentation, and share that on our social channels…
So many options! I’m open to suggestions. Drop me a line and we’ll work it out.


Hi Pete,

I held my presentation freestyle. So there are no slides from me other than the introductory slide with the title of my speech.

Best Stefan



Hi @Pete_Bouvier all the presenters sent the presentations to @wouterzanen and the openEHR NL organization, I think it would be easier to ask him for all the presentations. Also openEHR NL said they will publish the presentations in PDF after the event. Again, would be simpler to coordinate with them.

For my presentation, I’ll record a video for it when I’m back home (I’m still traveling) because there was no recording in our room, and some colleagues might be interested in talks that happened in other tracks.


That would be me at least :slight_smile: I feel like I could catch ~30% of the whole event so I’m patiently waiting for the stuff I missed!


That sounds good, Pablo. Let me know if I can help out in any way.

I’ll let you know when my talk is recorded. Others might want to do something similar, that would be nice, since I also missed a lot of interesting talks.

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