Nordic openEHR Collaboration Meeting May 2022

Purpose of meeting

Connect with Nordic openEHR community to explore ways of collaborating towards common goals related to the use and adoption of openEHR in the Nordics.

How to connect
Optional registration here:

Click here to join the meeting (MS Teams)


  • Welcome and introductions (15 min)
  • Update on ongoing projects related to openEHR in Norwegian hospitals
    • Reproduction medicine
    • Multidisiplinary teams in Cancer diagnostics/treatment - prostate and kidney (openEHR and SNOMED-CT)
    • Customer-driven development using openEHR tooling
  • Update on any current topics in the Nordic countries
  • Update on ongoing activities within openEHR international
  • Agreement on the next meeting
    • Proposed decision: Going back to Sweden in august?


The Norwegian openEHR community


Information available on the openEHR website to facilitate sharing wider.

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The Swedish openEHR collaboration can accept that proposal. We also consider if the next meeting should be an on site or hybrid meeting in Stockholm.

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From Sweden we’ll be sharing some status updates.

This forum post is of “wiki”-kind and may be updated by several Swedes.

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Look forward to see you in the meeting in 30 minutes. It’s the first time I use the webinar feature in MS Teams. Hope it will play nice with us.

@erik.sundvall - we will find a good slot for the Swedish topics.

See you all!

The link to the teams meeting is here: Join conversation

Thanks for all who participated and joined in on the meeting yesterday. Attached is my notes during the meeting.
2022.05.04-Notes_During_Meeting.pdf (191.2 KB)

Here is the presentation I used during the meeting:
2022.05.04-3# Nordic openEHR Collaboration Meeting.pdf (2.1 MB)

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@bna Can I make these available from the openEHR website?

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And here is the presentation from Oslo University Hospital.

2022 05 04 Nordic openEHR collaboration - ART project in Oslo University Hospital.pdf (616.1 KB)
And yes, Jill, this one can be shared with the openEHR community.


Sure. Please do it :yum:

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These meetings provide great example of evolving and widening shared endeavours, focussed on consolidation of openEHR mission in its practical and everyday health care contexts.

Well done, good luck with them, and thank you all. And thank goodness for this collaborative spirit of the Nordic countries!