New openEHR OPT v1.6

This might be useful for some here: Release v1.6 · ppazos/openEHR-OPT · GitHub

It’s basically my toolkit for the terminal to generate test data from OPTs and work with the openEHR formats. Been using this for testing my other systems, like the EHRServer or the openEHR Toolkit. Also used it to work on the conformance validation framework for HiGHMed.

This update is just a sum of fixes, tests and some tools I wanted to build, doing small progress during the weekends.

The new version has:

  • JSON instance validation against openEHR JSON Schemas (thanks Pieter)
  • openEHR canonical JSON parser & serializer
  • openEHR canonical XML parser & serializer
  • openEHR RM implementation in @ApacheGroovy
  • New build based on @gradle

The RM implementation and the two parsers and two serializers allow bidirectional conversion between JSON and XML, using the RM as the intermediate model.

BTW, not many here work in Groovy, it is just a very productive languages for the JVM, which compiles to bytecode, so once it’s packaged as JAR you can use it in your Java projects as a library. Or you can use it standalone as a CLI tool kit.