Modelling radiology response for prostate cancer biopsy


At Karolinska University Hospital we want to start working on modelling a radiology response for prostate cancer biopsy. For this, we are looking at the following archetypes:

In order to structure the imaging findings, our idea was to create a new Cluster-archetype for “Imaging examination of prostate” (rather than using “Imaging examination of a body structure”), similar to those created for other body structures, se attached picture.

We were wondering if there is any ongoing work in this field?

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@bna has been active in this field in Norway. We are also interested as becoming important in UK.

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Hi Claudia,

I’d agree with a specialised archetype for prostate in this situation. You can add prostate specific findings for any modality to the specialisation and that would be useful to everyone.
These CLUSTERs are intentionally modality independent as many body structure-specific attributes might be found in more than one modality eg measurements of the prostate.
You can also see Imaging exam of an anomaly - - intended for nesting in any of the imaging CLUSTERs for each/every body structure. It is not a specialisation as it is recording a lesion or other anomaly which isn’t strictly, ontologically, a ‘body structure’ yet it intentionally is designed with a similar pattern. This archetype is currently ‘in review’ although in reality, it has stalled because we can’t resolve how to represent a lesion or a tumour or a similar finding in a generic way. If you look at the history of the archetype, changes in archetype ID and feedback on each review round you can probably discern some of the approaches that have been tried but not ‘nailed’ the solution as yet. Any ideas welcome.



Thank you for your replies. @ian.mcnicoll we are in touch with @bna and his collegues and are currently scheduling a meeting hopefully for the end of May. Let me know if you want to join. @heather.leslie we’ll look at the archetype that you pointed out.